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Database Description

The aim of this initiative is to develop a web-accessible and quality-controlled nucleotide database for the WHO Laboratory Network.
This database is used as a tool to track rubella sequence diversity and monitor elimination of virus strains.

This database currently (2015-05-27 08:30:54 +0100) contains 1235 viral sequences.

The quality of all submitted sequences is checked before depositing in the database. We also provide tools:

Accessing the database

To access the data and to use the analytical tools, you are required to register. Registration for academic use is free.

If you have any questions about the database, please email the curators

This website was developed and maintained by the Virus Reference Department, Colindale, Public Health England

For suggestions and feedback on RubeNS contact Richard Myers (Richard.Myers@phe.gov.uk) and Pierre Rivailler (PRivailler@cdc.gov)